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About Our Food

Pies...The pies sold at all our shops are baked fresh on the day. The pastry is hand made and rolled and then filled with fresh beef minced on site, we only use prime cuts of beef and no other meats or offal. A small amount of gravy is added to each pie before the top layer of pastry is added. The pies are then cooked in traditional stone ovens in large trays.
Minced Beef
Pastry rolling
Pie making
Pie finishing
Baking Pies
Potatoes... The mash sold at all our shops is made fresh on the day. All potatoes are peeled and cooked on site. They are then mashed when needed. The great taste is due to the excellent quality and type of potato.
Potatoes being mashed
Potatoes being mashed
Potatoes cooking
Liquor... The liquor sold at our shops is world famous for its great taste. The liquor here is uniquely different to any other Pie & Mash shop as it contains a special, secret ingredient. It is made fresh on site on the day it is sold, as it is needed.
Eels... The eels sold at our shops are bought in fresh and cooked on the premises. Jellied eels are cooked and left to cool. They are then left to set and put in the fridge. The stewed eels are cooked on the day while the jellied eels need to be prepared in advance to allow the jelly to set. All pieces of our eels are succulent and of best quality.
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