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Nutritional Information


A meal of meat pie, mash and liquor has, on average, only 571 Calories. A breakdown is shown below.

Nitrogen@ 1.58g/100g
Moisture@ 51.9g/100g
Total Fat@ 9.8g/100g
Protein (Nitrogen x 6.25)@ 9.9g/100g
Ash@ 1.7g/100g
Sodium@ 0.49g/100g
Total Carbohydrate@ 26.7g/100g
Calories@ 234 kcal/100g
Energy@ 984 kJ/100g

A pie weighs an average of 150g, therefore has 351 calories.

Nitrogen@ 0.28g/100g
Moisture@ 80.3g/100g
Total Fat@ < 0.2g/100g
Protein (Nitrogen x 6.25)@ 1.7g/100g
Ash@ 2.0g/100g
Sodium@ 0.28g/100g
Total Carbohydrate@ 16.0g/100g
Calories@ 71 kcal/100g
Energy@ 301 kJ/100g

An average portion of mash weighs 200g, therefore has 142 calories.

Nitrogen@ 0.26g/100g
Moisture@ 91.4g/100g
Total Fat@ < 0.2g/100g
Protein (Nitrogen x 6.25)@ 1.6g/100g
Ash@ 0.9g/100g
Sodium@ 0.16g/100g
Total Carbohydrate@ 6.1g/100g
Calories@ 31 kcal/100g
Energy@ 131 kJ/100g

An average portion of liquor weighs 250g, therefore has 78 calories.

Nitrogen@ 1.34g/100g
Moisture@ 52.8g/100g
Total Fat@ 8.1g/100g
Protein (Nitrogen x 6.25)@ 8.4g/100g
Ash@ 1.6g/100g
Sodium@ 0.38g/100g
Total Carbohydrate@ 29.1g/100g
Calories@ 223 kcal/100g
Energy@ 936 kJ/100g

A vegetarian pie weighs an average of 150g, therefore has 335 calories.

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