Bitcoin Boulevard in The Hague

In The Hague, Netherlands, will be available from March 20th a whole street of accepting Bitcoin. The opening ceremony will take place at Equinox, the beginning of the Dutch spring. 

The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands with half a million inhabitants. In terms of Bitcoin, the city on the North Sea could become the capital of our neighboring country from March 20th. 
Because on this date, which is also the Equinox, i.e. the beginning of the Dutch spring, the restaurants will be and bars across the street that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Three Bitcoiners, Peter Klasen, Henk van Tijen and Hendrik Hilbolling, have been trying to get owners interested in Bitcoin since the beginning of January. With success: Nine restaurants and pubs as well as a gallery have now said “yes”. Cryptocurrency has begun to ramp up pretty quickly in our daily life, you can read in more detail here https://cryptoine.com/cryptocurrency-forecast-getting-up-to-speed-on-whats-cracking-on-the-market/ 
The “Bitcoin Boulevard” is in the so-called Wereldgracht, which is the area around Dunne Bierkrade, Groenewegje, Wagenstraat and Uilebomen in the city center on the canal means. The following restaurants and bars will accept Bitcoin: Grand Café de Pakschuit, Eten bij Werelds, Eethuis de Zon, Basaal, De Paas, Blij070, El Barrio Tapas, Grand Café Rembrandt, M Restaurant and the Lunchroom 7 o'Clock. {{ 1}} 
The organizers of Bitcoin Boulevard have also ordered a Bitcoin ATM from Lamassu, which will be set up in the Eten restaurant near Werelds. A Surinam Brass Band may also be paid for by Bitcoin donations, which will walk along the canal at the opening. The first beer with Bitcoins will be paid for by René Bom, Den Haag's “Nachtburgemeester”, when the Bitcoin Boulevard opens at 5:57 p.m. The date, the Dutch Equinox, was chosen as a symbol: just like spring and winter, Bitcoin should replace the euro. Cheers.